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Website is an essential element to any business.

Renwest Consulting Inc.

School and Academy website design


We aim at understanding betters methods of showcasing and engaging the products, services and brands of our clients.

Design Driven

Our expertise in design guides you in the journey to showcase your products and services. Through collaborations with you, wonderful designs that connect easily and engage with the target audience are created to actualize your objectives. We have worked with many SME’s, Schools and even a Church to bring forth their imaginations into reality. The goal of our design process is to understand your brand perceptions and expectations using current industry trends to tailor specific designs that will help achieve the desired goals.

Development Driven

From creating bespoke and responsive websites to content development, we will be your partners in this journey.  We adapt easily to the latest technologies to create solutions that will exceed your expectations and requirements. The back-end support from our developers, content creators, designers and analysts will produce and sustain web solutions that are geared towards achieving a positive bottom line for you.


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What we can do for you…

Web Design & Development

A superb and user-friendly design improves engagement and reaction from the clients.

Design and Development journey…


To deliver cutting-edge web solutions which will improve the objectives of your business/brand; we must get to know you, your target audience and the specific requirements that will suit your expectations. Thereafter, the information received will guide the designing and development of web solutions, be it websites, logos, printed materials or branding.

Design & Concepts

We bring custom made web solutions that are tailored to interfuse expectations, likes and available industry tools to our clients. Our collaborations with our clients in concept articulation and design ensure that fruitful web solutions are attained always. 

Project Development

One of the most important stages in our Design and Development journey is the Project development segment where the turning of ideas, concepts and design plans are brought to reality- visually. Our talented team of designers and developers working as a team utilize the information gathered during the Know-Your-Customer stage to create wonderful web solutions for you. We utilize several web technologies like (HTML, PHP, and CSS) to produce responsive and user-friendly websites which adapt to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

Launch, Training & Support

Once the project is completed and you are satisfied with it exceeds your expectations, the launching of the website will happen once you give a go-ahead mandate. Following the launching of the project is the training of your staff on how to use the website, and also a friendly support to your team till they are good to go.

Logos, Branding and Printed Materials

All efforts at enriching businesses and brands seem like fun to us.

The design and development of professional looking and outstanding design solutions are the results of collaborations within our team and your team. We carry you along in the designing and production of business tools like logos, letterheads, calendars and business cards, corporate brochure, campaign posters and other promotional materials.

School and Academy website design

Eye-catching and user-friendly that engages your visitors and extends your brand

Our team of innovative marketing advisers will work with our designers and developers to come up with concepts and designs that will suit your expectations and requirements. We will produce stunning campaign materials from your logo to website with the aim of boosting your brand, engaging your audience and promoting your academic objectives.

Responsive and Multi-user websites

Our core objective is to design and develop educative, user-friendly and entertaining websites which are geared towards achieving your brand and bottom line objectives. We will create a website which will allow you assign different roles and competencies to your staff or other workers, making it possible for them to manage a different segment of your websites without modifying something they’re not supposed to. For example, we can create a ‘Class Page’, which will be specially built pages which will allow assigned teachers the ability to upload information and pictures, or a ‘Message Centre’ on the front of the website which has the latest news from the school to parents, students and the general public; amongst others.

Domain Registration and Web hosting

Register your domains with us, and allow us to manage the renewals and updating info regarding your website. We offer webhosting services to our clients also.


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