Additional Features

Class Pages

A specially built page for the different classes (sports group, cultural group, clubs etc.) which will help a teacher to upload information, news, pictures amongst others.

Achievement Area

A segment of the website where the achievements of the students at the school, class or clubs will be displayed; for example, the ‘Student of the Month’, ‘Best graduating student of class B1’ etc. Any staff can be assigned to manage this page.

Message Centre

A page which have news, pictures or information regarding the school, classes, clubs etc.

Announcements Bar

A special bar (with the latest info) at the top of all pages of your website allowing the users to click on it; and then be taken to a page where the most recent news or information about the school is written. You can also set up the start and end date when notification will be visible or disappear.

Event page

This is a custom-built plugin which will let your assign users or staff create an event which involves the students and school, and all these pages will be social-media friendly.

File Sharing

This allows staff to upload and share documents like result sheets etc. with parents at home.

We can also offer a range of other services such as:

-School Logo design – In need of a refresh of your school image, let us create a modern logo to transform your school image.

-Full print design services – allow us to produce amazing letter heads, business cards, prospectuses, posters and leaflets.